Real Journeys

We invite entrepreneurs from all walks of life and sectors to share their experiences. Through the Q&A sessions, students benefit from the sharing of the tips, setbacks, and inspiration to get students through their own journey.

Real Workshop

We provide our members with workshops that will guide them through the key areas that determine success for start-ups: product, engineering, Q&A, marketing, and business strategy.

Real Business Challenge

What better way to learn entrepreneurship skills than to get your hands dirty and test out your ideas. Real Business Challenge partners with booth vendors to provide students the opportunities to try their hand at handling a business.

Asian Student Venture Forum

ASVF is an annual international entrepreneurship and business plan competition featuring students from various universities and countries. In its 5 years of participating, SMURB represented Team Singapore and has won 4 times.

Real Business Weekend

An intensive 3 day hackathon, this jam pack weekend event comes around every second semester of the year. Students are invited to put their heads together to come up with a business idea and present them to a panel of esteem judges.

Alumni Night

Alumni night is an annual event to commemorate the strong support of the past batches of RB members. A night of fun and games, it brings together seniors and current members to share past experiences and create new memories as an RB family.


Our Portfolio

Here's some of our signature activities and events!

Why Us?

SMURB is more than just any ordinary club, it's a family of like-minded people who are all passionate about business building.


Exposing members and students with the opportunities and resources to take action on initiatives that they are passionate about.

Family & Diversity

A real family and gathering of like-minded individuals who are both passionate about business building and helping other people.

Training & Networks

Leveraging on our established alumni and partners, we provide an avenue to learn, network and build business in a real world setting.

Meet the Team

Get to know the awesome folks behind the scenes.

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