SMURB Philosophy

Our Philosophy

SMU Real Business (SMURB) was first started by recent SMU graduates, Yvonne Lim and Kent Hoie back in 2009. It was founded on two principles to entrepreneurship – peer-to-peer mentoring and experimentation. SMURB aims to be a club where its members are not just separate entities within a community, but a real family and gathering of like-minded individuals who are both passionate about business building and helping other people.

Our Vision

To be the most accessible, connected and enterprising business venture club and to help our members realize and experiment with their entrepreneurial ideas within the clubs’ ability.

Family & Diversity

At SMURB, we believe in creating small opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs or just talented students to explore entrepreneurship, and experiment with the various aspects of business building. SMURB also believes in empowering its members and students with the ability and resources to take action on initiatives that they are passionate about. Through this process, SMURB’s vision is to help wanting students and aspiring entrepreneurs explore the journey of entrepreneurship.

SMURB is an open platform for all aspiring student entrepreneurs. As a family of like-minded individuals, we work together in a flat organisation. Collectively, we create a potent force to facilitate the creation of successful start-ups. SMURB provides the opportunities to learn, network and build businesses in a real world setting. This is achieved by leveraging on our established alumni and partners.

Our Composition

We have streamlined our operations into 4 purpose-driven departments:

  • Marketing
  • Alumni and Welfare
  • Enterprise Development
  • Finance

These four departments will work together with the Executive Committee to achieve SMURB’s vision.

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